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Opera Plus is the most visited online publication on classical music, opera, dance, and related genres in the Czech Republic. 

Over the course of its over decade-long existence, it has assembled one of the largest archives (over 13.000 articles) of reviews from both Czech and foreign concerts and productions, hundreds of exclusive interviews with artists from both the Czech Republic and abroad, and many informative and educational articles aimed at the broader public while also including a number of academic pieces aimed at experts in the field. 

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The goal of Opera Plus is to map the Czech cultural landscape, provide up-to-date news from the world of classical music, initiate exclusive interviews, and introduce young talents. 

An important component of our efforts is also popularization and classical music outreach aimed at the broader public. 

Opera Plus collaborates with leading music publicists, reviewers, musicologists, and performers. 

Our partners include leading Czech music institutions (see Partners section.) 

Published since September 2009

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Opera Plus received a nomination for the Křištálová Lupa prize awarded to Czech websites in the category of special interest websites (2013) and the prize of the Jednota hudebního divadla (Association of Czech Theater) in the category of an important activity in the field of music theater (2013).