Starting the Year Off Right: OperaPlus Launches Job Directory

OperaPlus's banner for new job listings database

As part of its efforts to be a positive force on the Czech performing arts scene, OperaPlus launched a job directory for musicians, dancers, and arts administrators just in time for New Years.

OperaPlus seeks to offer the most comprehensive listing of job openings relevant to musicians, dancers, and arts administrators in the Czech Republic. Until now, job openings (including auditions) within the Czech performing arts sector have not been listed in a central database. News of career opportunities spread primarily through word-of-mouth. OperaPlus seeks to change that. OperaPlus is partnered with most music and dance organizations in the Czech Republic and will be the first to know about their new job openings.

Even in this time of intermittent lockdown, OperaPlus was able to publicize four job openings – from choral to orchestral, from the Czech Republic and abroad, and even one opening for a music reporter at the leading classical music radio station. Check out the current job listings here.

We wish all our readers, both from home and abroad, bright prospects for the future!

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