“Hello, you have reached Central78”: A Unique Happening Deals With The Loneliness of Closed Theaters

Rostislav Novák ml. (source: La Putyka / photo Pavel Hejný)

“Hello, you have reached Central78 – a special, telephonic happening by Cirk La Putyka and Jatka78…”

That is what you would have heard (in Czech) if you called the number provided by the alternative performance troupe Cirk La Putyka for yesterday’s happening. The call would redirect to one of the members of the troupe for a 7-minute chat about anything you liked. Recordings from the calls were mixed and streamed live on social media.

“The goal is to entertain, cheer up, warm the heart, sing a little, have a chat, whatever you like. You can call your favorite actors and ask them anything – what they did that day, what their favorite food is, or ask for a kind word, a joke, a fairytale. It’s up to you, what you bring to the table,“ said Rostislav Novák jr., a principle of the ensemble.  

This is not the first corona-inspired creative project connected to Cirk La Putyka. The troupe is also behind the hashtag #kulturunezastavis (“you can’t stop culture”) which organized a nation-wide happening on October 12th, during which rays of light illuminated the evening skies, marking venues where performances would have taken place. On that same day, the ensemble launched another, ongoing, happening called (A)sleep which takes the form of a continuous livestream from the empty Jatka78 auditorium.

A(sleep): a livestream happening from the Jatka78 auditorium

During yesterday’s event, callers were able to talk to Jan Holík, Adam Joura, Jiří Kohout, Helena Nováčková, Jana Stárková or Zbyněk Šporc. The troupe plans to reprise the event in coming weeks. In fact, it should be on the theater’s program regularly on Sundays, with plans to involve individuals from other spheres that depend on assembly, including athletes.

For more information, go to www.laputyka.cz and www.jatka78.cz.

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